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Overcome iChat !

Mix iChatSuite and iChartwork into a simple, powerful PreferencePane : Customize your status and avatar just as you want to !

iChartwork         iChartwork         iChatMonitor
iChartwork         Antidouble         iChatMonitor
Listen, and show !         Remove double occurences !         Control utility

With iChartwork, your iChat and/or Adium avatar is updated with the artwork of the current song in iTunes.
With Antidouble, you can remove double occurences from any list, specifying how elements are separed in your list.
iChatMonitor is an application that warn you when one of your AIM/Jabber/Bonjour contact connects himself, like MSN Messenger does.

iChatState         HostPinger         Countdown
iChat State         HostPinger         Countdown
Customize your status message !         Servers control utility         Countdown utility

iChatState is an application that let you put variables in your iChat status message.They will be replaced regularly by iChat State.
HostPinger is an utility to send a ping, at a customizable interval of time, at a list of domain names, and to execute specific actions.
Countdown is an application that let you define a countdown and specify when you started to wait this event.

webWatcher      stringMixer
WebWatcher      stringMixer
Control utility      Random sorting utility

WebWatcher is an application to watch a website and to verify the presence or the absence of a specified characters string.
StringMixer is an application to separate a text in many elements, with a specified separator, and to sort them by random sequence.

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